Otavalo Market | Galapagos Unbound

The Otavalo Market has become so celebrated that it’s now widely recognized as one of Ecuador’s “must see” sites. Although the markets held every weekend are generally the greatest attraction to the area, Otavalo itself is a stunning location with the lofty volcanoes standing sentinel over the small Andean town and the Otavaleños themselves with their distinctive attire and celebration of traditional textile production.

The Otavalo Market has been held since before the Spaniards fought their way into the Incan Empire and before the Incan Empire fought their way into present-day Ecuador. The Otavaleños’ textiles have been celebrated throughout Ecuador for centuries. These days, the market can be found around the focal point of Poncho Plaza, although it stretches its way down the surrounding streets. The market is not only known for its textiles, crafts, and animal market but for the food, music, and Quichua. Ecuadorian culture percolates through the very air in the market, and it’s one of the reasons that people come back every week and travel to see it.

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