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Internet and phone safety in the Galápagos


If you're hoping to bring your own phone to Ecuador, you'll need a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) phone activated for global roaming. But be aware of high per-minute charges! It's usually a better option to buy a pre-paid SIM card from one of Ecuador's main cellphone networks or rely on a phone app for free calls.

If you don't want to bring your own phone, it's usually pretty easy to purchase an activated phone with pre-paid minutes on it at a local store or major airport. Ecuador's main cellphone companies are Claro (Telcel), Movistar, and CNT. 

Large, inhabited islands in the Galápagos have cell service while more remote locations don’t. 


WiFi in Ecuador is widespread and growing - just look for the WiFi symbol! In hotels (both on the mainland and in the Galápagos Islands) it is usually free but not always fast.

Internet cafes are a dying breed in Puerto Ayora and Puerto Baquerizo, with most people getting online using mobile data. Few Galapagos cruises offer WiFi onboard, so plan on having a digital detox during your trip. 


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