Galapagos Multisport Tours | Galapagos Unbound

The best way to experience these enchanted isles is on a Galapagos multisport tour. Each day is filled with different adventures as you cruise, kayak, snorkel and hike through Ecuador’s glistening eco-paradise. Look forward to extraordinary wildlife encounters with giant Galapagos tortoises, salt-spitting marine iguanas and penguins that bask in the sun. Even if you are lounging deck-side with a cocktail on one of our multisport cruises, you can catch a glimpse of passing dolphins or whales—because, in the Galapagos, the wildlife is as unbound as the adventure. Try our Signature tour, the ultimate Galapagos adventure or explore our lodge-to-lodge tour where guests do day trips out of Santa Fe and Isabela staying at beautiful ocean-side lodges.

Our Galapagos multisport tours are carefully crafted to take you deeper into the Galapagos Islands, showing you iconic sites such as Devil’s Crown, Kicker Rock, Santa Cruz's lava tunnels and Rabida's sunset-red beaches as well as lesser-known inlets and outcroppings where the wildlife abounds but the people are sparse. Aboard our Galapagos cruises, each ship is equipped with kayaks, wet suits and snorkeling gear so that you can be the skipper of your own adventures and see where the waves take you. Our naturalist guides are there to enrich your excursions as they shed light on the unique, secluded world of the Galapagos. Don’t stay landlocked—discover the Galapagos Islands from beach to beach and everything in between with our incredible multisport tours. 

Looking for a multi-sport adventure in the Galapagos but need it now? Make sure to check out our last-minute Galapagos trips.