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The Galápagos Islands was Darwin’s laboratory and remains a wonderland of wildlife. Removed from mainland Ecuador, the Galápagos has become a rare haven for animals that have little fear of humans and which can be found nowhere else on earth. Travel to the Galápagos with Galápagos Unbound and enjoy personal encounters with unique wildlife such as marine iguanas, giant Galápagos tortoises and blue-footed boobies. 

Galápagos Unbound is your Galápagos Island vacations one-stop spot. We offer a diverse array of Galápagos Islands adventures: from land-based to cruise ship, multisport to “relaxation is my sport”; from epic solo Galápagos tours and romantic Galápagos vacations for couples to once-in-a-lifetime family Galápagos adventures. Whether you’re hoping for an extensive, multi-day adventure through the Galápagos archipelago, a thrilling jaunt to the best Galápagos sites, a Christmas getaway under the sun or a starting point for your joint Galápagos-Ecuador tour, you can find it at Galápagos Unbound.