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It's a hard knock life for the Galápagos Islands--they're one of those lucky places that doesn't really have an "off-season." Sure, there's a popular tourist "peak season," but some of the best times to visit the Galápagos are throughout the year when the crowds are quieter and the wildlife comes out to play. 

Of course, the Galápagos archipelago's many wildlife events and weather considerations can leave a traveler feeling like a kid in a candy shop... or a grown-up trying to decide when to travel to the all-amazing Galápagos Islands and check off a major item on their travel bucket list. When is the Galápagos rainy season? When is the best time to go snorkeling or scuba diving? What's cuter: sea lion pups or Galápagos chicks? How blue is a blue-footed booby's feet when they do their mating dance from May to June?  

Whether you're trying to determine which cute baby animal you need to see most (hm... sea turtles nesting or sea lion pups?), what sort of equatorial weather you want during your adventure or whether cheaper flights and smaller crowds are your top priority, our handy infographic below helps you navigate the Galápagos seasons and narrow down your Galápagos travel priorities. You can also check out our wildlife and weather rundown of the seasons for more info on when to go. The Galápagos wildlife never hibernates. Why should you? 


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