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The International Galápagos Tour Operators Association is an organization ROW partners with in South America that is dedicated to the conservation of the islands along with responsible tour operating. 

Our mission at ROW is to share nature and enrich lives. That does not mean we want to sell you a means that we truly love nature and believe that sharing unique and intimate experiences in nature will enhance your life.

IGTOA is a non-profit group of tour operators, conservationists, and other groups who are dedicated to the preservation of the Galápagos, a protected National Park. The goal is to preserve the park while sharing the beauty of what it has to offer while providing an education and some adventure.

Because the Galápagos Islands are a growing tourist destination, it is important to work together to maintain their pristine and exceptionally bio diverse ecosystem. The World Heritage Committee came onto the scene in 2007. According to the IGTOA website:

 “In 2007, the World Heritage Committee recommended that Galápagos be added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger due to such threats as invasive species; population growth; unsustainable legal fishing and illegal fisheries; inadequate government transparency, accountability and oversight; poor education and lack of opportunity for residents; and the impacts of tourism.”

It is important for us all to come together and protect the beauty around us. We donate $50 of every reservation to the IGTOA foundation and through your contributions, we are able to continue the work of keeping the Galápagos as close to the living laboratory that inspired Darwin to write his Origin of Species as possible.  

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