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When it comes to a place as special and unique as the Galápagos Islands, offering different trips that cater to different needs and interests is important. That's why we offer over ten different trips to the Galápagos throughout the year, including several that offer camping on the beaches inside the national park. Here is a guide to the various trips we offer to this enchanted area. 


Land-Based Trips

Galápagos Unbound

Days: 10

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, beach camping, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing

Departure Dates: Year-round

Minimum Age: 7

Details: A unique land-based tour that includes a wide variety of activities for those who want to see all the islands have to offer. On this award-winning tour, you’ll enjoy sea kayaking, snorkeling, hikes, and amazing wildlife viewing. Our trip is one of a kind, allowing just a small group of 12-14 people to visit special sites off the main-tourist routes. We are the only tour operator that provides two nights of camping on the beaches inside of the national park, making this a truly unique Galápagos experience. In addition to viewing the wildlife and remote island areas, we spend time in several of the local towns, getting a better understanding of the culture and life in the Galápagos. This is a truly incredible way to experience all that the Galápagos Islands have to offer!Learn More

Galápagos Kayaking Expedition

Days: 9

Activities: Kayaking, beach camping, wildlife viewing

Departure Dates: February, March, July, August, December; Daily year-round departures for groups of four or more

Minimum Age: 12

Details: Designed specially for people who are passionate about kayaking. You get five nights camping under the stars on the islands. While other kayak tours in the Galápagos are boat-based and offer limited time for paddling, this trip is the only expedition-style kayak tour in the Galápagos Islands that combines five nights of camping on the beaches with kayaking along the shores of two distinct islands - Santa Cruz and San Cristobal. Experience the wildlife and beauty of the islands up-close and personal. You will kayak almost every day, starting with short paddles, building up to two full days as we move from one camp to another. Limited to just eight guests per trip, this trip provides a very intimate experience on the islands. Learn More

Galápagos Family Vacation

Days: 10

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, beach camping, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing; Family-focused

Departure Dates: February-April, June-August, December

Minimum Age: 7

Details: The same trip as our Galápagos Unbound trip, but geared toward families! Limited to small groups of just 12 at a time, you leave behind the crowds of visitors to enjoy the peace of walking, snorkeling, and paddling your way through this island paradise. These trips are exclusively reserved for families, creating a like-minded group dynamic. Spend two nights sleeping on the beaches of the islands, a memory that is sure to last a lifetime. Learn More


Yacht/Cruise-Based Trips

Galápagos Christmas Cruise

Days: 8

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing; Yacht/Cruise-Based

Departure Dates: December 25, 2015

Minimum Age: 8

Details: Come board the Tip Top II, a yacht of the highest quality, chartered for this winter vacation. This tour of the Galápagos is an excellent opportunity for those who want to explore the archipelago with a small group of other intrepid voyagers. This trip includes iconic sites, but also visits secluded coves where larger cruise vessels cannot take you. You’ll see playful sea lion pups, pink flamingoes, and giant tortoises, among other wildlife. You’ll hike, kayak and snorkel your way through the islands, allowing you to see all this special place has to offer. And after a long day of adventure, you’ll return to your luxury yacht to relax. Learn More

Galápagos​​​​​​​ Islands Sailing

Days: 7-8

Activities: Snorkeling, walking, wildlife viewing; Yacht/Cruise-Based

Departure Dates: December

Minimum Age: 12

Details: Come aboard the lovely yacht, Encantada, for three special holiday departures. Limited to just 12 passengers total, each trip has a unique sailing itinerary and visits different islands. Few boats in the Galápagos are as small or charming as the Encantada; this allows us to visit hidden coves and other areas that large ships cannot reach. You’ll see the wide variety of Galápagos wildlife, both on land and in the waters. You’ll have time to relax on deck, sunbathe in the warm weather, and enjoy artfully crafted local and international dishes prepared by our excellent on-board chef.Learn More

Galápagos​​​​​​​ Islands Cruise

Days: 7-8

Activities: Kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, wildlife viewing; Yacht/Cruise-Based

Departure Dates: January

Minimum Age: 5

Details: Tour the islands in style on one of three identical 83-foot, 20-passenger motor yachts. The Eric, Flamingo and Letty were custom-designed for Galápagos cruises. Visit different islands, explore by hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. See a wide variety of wildlife, including sea lions, Galápagos turtles, Blue-Footed Boobies, Darwin’s Finches, Galápagos Iguanas, white-tipped reef sharks, rays, and more. Learn More

Dive Galápagos

Days: 8Activities: SCUBA diving; Yacht/Cruise-Based

Departure Dates: February & June

Minimum Age: 16

Details:  Perfect for the SCUBA-lover, or anyone interested in getting a closer look of the varied wildlife of the Galápagos. Come aboard the M/Y Galápagos Sky, a 16-passenger, 100-foot first-class dive and live-aboard yacht. Custom built in 2000, the ship offers the newest and best-equipped vessel for Galápagos dive tours. Fully-equipped with a nine-person crew, including two dive instructors or divemaster/naturalists. We take you to the renowned northern islands of Wolf and Darwin, famous for schools of hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays, and whale sharks. In between dives, walk the shores amongst rare plants, seabirds, and reptiles. The trip offers up to four dives per day on a planned, yet flexible, itinerary. Learn More


Lodge-Based Trips

Galápagos Islands Vacation

Days: 4-8

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing; Lodge-to-Lodge

Departure Dates: Daily departsures  year-round

Minimum Age: 7

Details: The perfect alternative to our award-winning Galápagos Unbound trip, our Galápagos Islands Vacation offers travelers shorter options and a lodge-based experience. You’ll stay at beautiful local lodges on two-to-three different islands. You will get to visit the local towns and get a more intimate cultural experience. Of course you’ll still get to view all of the wildlife and have access to a multitude of daily activities, including snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, hiking, and even culinary adventures! Learn More


Special Interest Trips

Galápagos​​​​​​​: Christmas Vacation

Days: 5-10

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing; Family-focus; Yacht/Cruise-Based, Lodge-Based; Customizable

Departure Dates: Departures between 12/12/15 and 1/5/16

Minimum Age: 8

Details: We offer more holiday break trips in the Galápagos than any other tour operator! Whether you’re looking for land-based tours, island hopping, family-focused trips, Christmas cruises or even our famous Galápagos Unbound tour, we are the #1 option for vacationing during the December holiday season.  Learn More

Galápagos​​​​​​​ & Amazon Combo

Days: 11

Activities: Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, walking, wildlife viewing

Departure Dates: Custom trips only; flexible departures

Minimum Age: 8

Details: An active trip that immerses you in the Galápagos Islands & Amazon Rainforest. Perfect for the kayaking and wildlife-viewing enthusiast! Kayak through the Galápagos Islands and Amazon Rainforest lakes and rivers. These two areas have very unique wildlife and ecosystems, providing a diverse experience. Stay at the Sacha Lodge in the Amazon, a 5000-acre private reserve with an astounding canopy walk, high observation tower, butterfly garden, and lovely accommodations, all perched on the edge of a beautiful lake you can swim in. In the Galápagos, through an exclusive working relationship that we have with a local fisherman who is licensed by the Galápagos Park Service to lead tours, we take you to places with few to no other tourists, and that shall remain unnamed! In the Amazon, you’ll see howling monkeys, chirping birds, countless reptiles, playful otters & maybe even a pink dolphin!Learn More

Dive GalápagosSee Above

Galápagos​​​​​​​ Kayaking ExpeditionSee Above


Extensions are the perfect way to add on some extra adventure to your trip. We have many South American adventures that are great extension options for our Galápagos-based trips. Ask your travel consultant about extensions when you book your Galápagos adventure. Happy travels!

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