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If you are looking to vacation over the Christmas holiday in the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Unbound has more Christmas holiday offerings than any other tour operator.  With a variety of options ranging from land based tours, island hopping, family-focused trips, Christmas cruises and even our signature Unbound tour, we are the Enchanted Isles #1 option for vacationing during the Christmas season.

Christmas is a popular time of year that books almost a year in advance with many of our Galapagos tours.  However, be sure to call or email for any last-minute cancelations or other openings that still may be available.  We have exclusive contracts and permits and bulk up our offerings during the Christmas holiday to meet the high demand of anxious Galapagos travelers!

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    Day 1

    Galapagos Unbound (Signature Land-Based Tour)

    The one that started it all, the signature, "Galapagos Unbound,” is a unique, multisport tour that includes sea kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and amazing wildlife viewing. Unlike most tours of the Galapagos Islands, This journey transports small, personal groups to visit sites that are not on the main tourist routes and allows you to navigate your own adventure. Simply put, there is nothing else like it because of our exclusive access to parts of the National Park nobody else explores!

    • Top Rated on TripAdvisor
    • Exclusive beach camping
    • Swim with sea lions, snorkel with sea turtles, explore the truly un-touched parts of the Galapagos like Darwin did!



    Day 2

    Galapagos Islands Adventure (3 Island Tour)


    Day 1: Arrive Baltra Island to Santa Cruz

    Day 2: Santa Cruz to Isabela Island
    Day 3: Isabela
    Day 4: Isabela to San Cristóbal
    Day 5: San Cristóbal
    Day 6: San Cristóbal -Baltra-Guayaquil or Quito


    Day 3

    Galapagos Islands Explorer (Four Island Tour)

    Itinerary in Brief:

    Day 1: Arrive in Quito, Ecuador
    Day 2: San Cristóbal
    Day 3: San Cristóbal
    Day 4: Floreana 
    Day 5: Isabela 
    Day 6: Isabela 
    Day 7: Isabela
    Day 8: Santa Cruz 
    Day 9: Santa Cruz to Quito, Ecuador
    Day10: Quito to home or stay and explore


    Day 4

    Galapagos by Kayak

    We've designed this exclusive Galapagos kayak tour for people who are passionate about kayaking and want an adventure with more miles of paddling and more nights spent camping under the stars.  This is the only expedition-style kayak tour in the Galapagos Islands that combines five nights of camping with kayaking along the shores of two distinct islands - Santa Cruz and San Cristobal.  While there are other kayak tours offered in the Galapagos, be aware that they are boat-based and offer limited time for paddling.

    • Kayak-centric tour
    • Exclusive beach camping experience
    • One date only!


    Day 5

    Galapagos Cruise - Luxury Class

    Travel the Galapagos as Darwin did, voyaging from island to island, on our new Galapagos Islands Luxury Adventure Cruise. On board the Petrel, a luxury catamaran, you explore the archipelago with all the freedom, thrill, and adventure that only sailing can provide. Our catamaran cruise is designed around the adventurous spirit of the Galapagos. 

    • Yacht Class: Luxury
    • Days: 6





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    FAQ & More

    Where are the Galapagos Islands?

    The Galapagos Islands (or Archipelago de Colon)are a Province of Ecuador located about 500 miles (800 kilometers) west of the Ecuadorian coast and are located directly on the equator.

    What's the weather like during Christmas in the Galapagos

    You can visit our Galapagos When To Go page for more details on each month. Here is what December looks like in the Galapagos:

    • Air Temp (Max / Min): 27 / 22C, 81 / 72F
    • Hours of clear skies: 4.0
    • Average Rainfall: 1.3cm, 0.50in (in the highlands)
    • Average Water Temperature: 22.5C / 73F

    What type of wildlife activity is there during the Christmas vacation?

    During Christmas break, with temperatures in the low 80s, it's a perfect time for wildlife activity and breeding. If you are looking to swim with sea lions, see an abundance of iguanas, amazing Frigate birds and Blue-footed boobies, Christmas is the perfect time of year!

    Wildlife Activity:
    • Blue-footed boobies nesting
    • Red-footed boobies and masked boobies breeding and nesting (year-round)
    • Waved albatross nesting
    • Magnificent and Great Frigate birds nesting (year-round on North Seymour Only)
    • Green sea turtles begin mating
    • Marine Iguanas and Land Iguanas begin mating
    • California sea lions breeding
    • Fur Sea lions breeding
    • Flightless Cormorants, Penguins and Greater Flamingoes breeding and nesting (year-round, depending on food supply)

    How far in advance should I book?

    The Galapagos Islands are very popular year-round, but especially during the winter holidays. It is highly advised that you book 12 months in advance or more, as many trips fill up that far out. Still, feel free to inquire about last-minute holiday availability. 

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