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Galapagos Habitat Tours offer year round, daily departures. Please inquire with an Adventure Consultant to start planning your trip today! 


Enjoy exotic, friendly wildlife and classic Galapagos sites on one of our Galapagos Habitat Tours. The newly renovated Galapagos Habitat Hotel offers a deluxe, ecological experience that embodies scenic beauty and captivating wildlife that the Galapagos Islands are known for. 

Your Ecological Experience 
At Galapagos Habitat, the natural wonders of the Galapagos are never far away. Situated between the oceanfront and a lush mangrove forest, there’s panoramic scenes for everyone that can be enjoyed from your room’s private balcony or the hotel’s private deck. Tucked as it is within its natural surroundings, the Galapagos Habitat blends right in, and the mangroves give you the sensation of being alone with nature away from the bustle of Puerta Ayora. And don’t be surprise to come across other common guests at the hotel: friendly sea lions, pelicans and marine iguanas also enjoy the hotel’s decks. 

Your Cultural Experience
Puerto Ayora, located in the southern region of Santa Cruz Island, is the Galapagos Islands’ most popular town. While staying at the Habitat, you find colorful streets, small shops and an opportunity to see some sea lions do some begging at the local fish markets just minutes away. About a 5 minute walk away from the hotel you also come across one of the highlights of many Galapagos tours: the Charles Darwin Research Center and Research Foundation. 

Your Adventure Homebase
Every adventurer contemplating their upcoming Galapagos Islands Adventure comes across the big question: to cruise, or to not to cruise? While there’s much to be said for island-hopping your way around the islands like you might on one of our many excellent Galapagos Cruise tours, land-based from a luxurious hotel on one of our Galapagos Habitat Tours is ideal for many travelers. For those who hope to freely explore on their own time, who are traveling with families or small children, and for those traveling with larger groups, a land-based tour is the ideal option. 

Staying at the Galapagos Habitat, adventure is only a few minutes away—with Santa Cruz’s friendly animals and classic landmarks and visitor sites easily accessible to you. Explore at your leisure or indulge in the restful retreat of the hotel, where you can experience panoramic views from the comfort of your private deck. 

Your Responsible Tourism Option
The Galapagos Habitat and its Almar by Isla Grill works to protect the Galapagos Islands. While you can expect to eat a variety of fresh seafoods and meats prepared with a Galapagos-Ecuadorian flare, the hotel supports local farmers and fisherman. Working to give back, the hotel respects sustainable fishing practices and the regulations set down by the Galapagos National Park while training their kitchen staff on the importance of recycling and the methods by which they can avoid negate effects to the islands. 

When To Travel
There is never a bad time to visit the Islands, however if you're looking for a little help planning your trip and narrowing down when to travel make sure to check out our Galapagos Weather and When to Go Guide.


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Day 4 Day


Day 1 - Your Galapagos Habitat Tour Begins 

Begin your Galapagos Habitat Tour with a flight to Baltra Island, where a Galapagos Unbound representative greets you and escorts you to the the most populated island in the Galapagos: Santa Cruz. Here, travel to the lushly green highlands on your way to a local ranch, where you relax with a locally sourced lunch and greet your first wildlife member of our Galapagos Guarantee: the Galapagos giant tortoise. Roam alongside these massive creatures as they search for some greens to munch on or lumber through some cool mud in their natural habitat. 

Up next, continue to the Charles Darwin Research Station—an interpretation center whose exhibits and findings serve as an excellent introduction to the islands’ incredible biodiversity and your Galapagos Habitat Tour. Learn about the islands’ endemic species as well as the center’s ongoing conservation efforts and research. End your day at the Galapagos Habitat Eco Luxury Hotel, where a locally sourced dinner and panoramic views await. 

Days 2 & 3 - Island Hopping Day Tours

Note: During days 2 & 3 of your Galapagos Habitat Tour, you discover a range of classic Galapagos Islands sites. Your Galapagos Unbound guide confirms your daily activities before meeting for the day. We maintain a flexible itinerary to allow for changing climate conditions, availability, weather and currents. 

Bartholomew Island 

You find some of the most astounding views and fascinating wildlife sightings to be found within the Galapagos Islands on Bartholomew. Take in the passing views during a 2-hour cruise to Bartholomew, where you’re greeted by an otherworldly landscape colored in red, orange black & green—a tableau that testifies to the island’s volcanic history. There’s no better introduction to the islands’ fascinating geologic history that you’ll discover further on your Galapagos Habitat Galapagos Tour. 
A boardwalk takes you down the coast and up to a viewpoint where you can spot Sullivan Bay and the top Galapagos geologic site: Pinnacle Rock. After, spot Galapagos penguins diving into the cool waters from the beach or possible head into the warm water yourself to see what marine life is passing by. 

Relax with lunch before you explore Sullivan Bay further. Get a close-up to Bartholomew’s lava formations and look out for green sea turtles that nest here from January-March. If your tour is scheduled during the right season, you might witness this incredible natural process. This evening, return to the Galapagos Habitat and enjoy another delicious dinner. 

Santa Fe Island

The Galapagos sea lions love Santa Fé Island, and you will too. A short 40-minute cruise takes you to the shore, where you can spot sea lions soaking in the sun on the rock barrier and swimming in the calm bay. Walk along the coast and look out for one of the more rare wildlife sightings you will see on your tour, the endemic Santa Fé iguana that can only be found on Santa Fé Island. More marine iguanas, crabs, mockingbirds and dove can be seen on your walk here. 
Return to the boat for lunch before exploring Santa Fé’s surrounding waters. Snorkel with sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays and a myriad of colorful fish who enjoy the bay’s calm waters. Your evening returns you to the Galapagos Habitat Hotel. 

North Seymour / Bachas Beach

Your Galapagos Habitat Tour takes you to North Seymour Island, which you find after coming across the Itabaca Channel. Discover North Seymour’s large seabird colonies and rugged coast as you set off on a 2-mile hike across the island’s interior. Nesting sites for frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies, another Galapagos Guarantee animal dot your path. If your Galapagos Habitat Tour occurs during the right season, you might be able to witness male frigatebirds in their red-chested mating glory or the quirky courtship dance of blue-footed boobies. 
This afternoon, take a swim with the marine life before exploring Bachas Beach, where more Galapagos sharks, green sea turtles and tropical fish await. Enjoy another evening at the Galapagagos Habitat hotel where Galapagos-Ecuadorian cuisine and stunning views await. 

Plazas Island / Carrion Point

Another highlight of your Galapagos Habitat Tour, Plazas Island is a haven for Galapagos wildlife. Take a 2-hour cruise to the island, during which you might spot passing whales or dolphins breaching the surface. A large sea lion colony greets you with rowdy barks, and you spy land iguanas soaking up the sun along the beach’s rocks. Ashore, discover a world of land and marine iguanas, blue-footed and Nazca boobies and an array of seabirds as you trek along a ravine. After lunch, Plazas Island offers an afternoon of adventure with its cacti forest. In the rainy season, you find yourself immersed in a landscape of bright green, while the dry season shifts to a sunset world of orange and purple. It’s a must-see island for nature lovers on your tour. Explore Plazas’ marine life, wildlife and natural world before returning to the Galapagos Habitat hotel this evening. 

Bay Tour + Tortuga Bay Beach

The “tour de Bahía,” or Bay Tour, is a lightly of your Galapagos Habitat Tour. With activities like hiking, snorkeling and discovering several top Galapagos visitor sites such as Las Loberia and Las Grietas, the Bay Tour offers a bit for everyone. Las Grietas, with its naturally formed crevasse, is a great snorkel site where a wealth of marine life congregate in the becalmed waters. Tortuga Bay offers sun-warmed sandy beaches where sea turtles love to come ashore. Inland, a forest of Opuntia and Candelabra cactus is home to wild Galapagos giant tortoises, lava lizards and a number of Galapagos birds like Darwin’s finches, mockingbirds and yellow warblers. Discover the different ecosystems before concluding your journey in a tranquil bay bordered by mangroves where you might find baby reef sharks, sting rays, sea turtles and more. Conclude your evening at the hotel and enjoy another night of your Galapagos Habitat Tour exploring the nearby local shops or sites. 

Day 4 - Final Day of your Galapagos Habitat Tour 

Enjoy a hearty breakfast before returning to the Baltra airport to meet your flight to mainland Ecuador as you conclude your Galapagos Habitat Tour. 

Day 5 DAY


Day 1 - Begin your Galapagos Habitat Tour 

Your Galapagos Habitat Tour takes off as you fly from mainland Ecuador to Baltra. A Galapagos Unbound representative greets you upon landing and ferries you to Santa Cruz, the most populated island among the archipelago. Once there, set off into the verdant highlands, where thick foliage hangs from massive pit craters and giant Galapagos tortoises lumber through muddy slopes. After a fresh, locally sourced lunch prepared at a local ranch, enjoy some face-to-face time with these massive, endangered creatures—they are emblematic of the Galapagos Islands and a top experience of your Galapagos Habitat Tour. 

Next up, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, an insightful introduction to the fauna and endemic wildlife you will see throughout your Galapagos Habitat Tour. Learn more about the research station’s conservation efforts and the islands’ rich biodiversity as you explore. Your first day concludes at the Galapagos Habitat Eco Luxury Hotel, where you can relax with a freshly sourced dinner or explore more of Puerto Ayora. 

Days 2, 3 & 4 - Galapagos Habitat Tour Day Excursions 

Note: Days 2, 3 & 4 of your Galapagos Habitat Tour take you to a number of iconic Galapagos visitor sites and off-the-beaten path wonders. The following itinerary is designed for flexibility to allow for changing weather, climate conditions and availability. As such, your guide will confirm the upcoming activities before gathering for the day. 

Bartholomew Island

Bartholomew Island is a favorite stop on your Galapagos Habitat Tour with its sparkling blue waters and sandy beaches. Look out for passing whales and dolphins on the 2-hour cruise to Bartholomew, where you are immediately struck by the archipelago’s volcanic origins with its striking red, orange, green and black landscape born from its geologic past. Ashore, a boardwalk takes you along the coast and up to one of the islands’ best overlooks, where you can see Sullivan Bay and Galapagos classic Pinnacle Rock. Bartholomew offers more than lunar landscapes, however. It’s also a favorite hangout of Galapagos penguins, a favorite Galapagos Habitat Tour highlight for our guests. Watch the penguins or slip on a snorkel mask to see sea lions, tropical fish, sea turtles and white tipped reef sharks off shore. 
The afternoon takes you to Sullivan Bay, which is home to its own impressive lava formations.Green sea turtles also frequent here, especially from January-March when they nest along the beaches. If you time your Galapagos Habitat Tours right, you can experience this evocative sight. This evening, enjoy a dinner and local sites back at the Galapagos Habitat hotel. 

Santa Fe Island

A 40-minute cruise takes you to Santa Fé Island, a one-of-a-kind addition to your Galapagos Habitat Tour with its endemic species such as the Santa Fé land iguana and large colony of sea lions. You’ll hear the sea lions before you see them as they bark to each other, and you can find the rare Santa Fé land iguanas searching for food amongst the Palo Santo landscape once ashore. Marine iguanas, crabs and an array of Galapagos birds also frequent this desert landscape. 
Enjoy lunch aboard the boat before returning to the shoreline for an afternoon of snorkeling. Stingrays and sea turtles enjoy these peaceful waters. This evening, indulge in flavorful Ecuadorian-Galapagos cuisine and panoramic views that make each evening of your Galapagos Habitat Tour an adventure. 

North Seymour Island / Bachas Beach

Travel the Itabaca Channel to North Seymour Island, one of the best hiking destinations you come across on your Galapagos Habitat Tour. Once on shore, trek across the island and enjoy the changing views as you travel from coast to coast. Some of the largest seabird colonies found throughout the Galapagos Islands can be found here, and nesting sites for blue-footed boobies and frigatebirds can be seen from the trail. If your Galapagos Habitat Tour is scheduled for the appropriate season, you can come across blue-footed boobies performing their funny mating dance or the male frigatebirds inflating their bright red chest in an effort to court their favorite female. 

This afternoon, explore the shoreline as you snorkel alongside playful sea lions, graceful sea turtles and the friendly Galapagos sharks. Then, continue on to Bachas Beach where you can choose your own adventure: relaxing on the beach, doing some beach-combing, or taking a swim. At the Galapagos Habitat hotel, enjoy a delicious, freshly sourced dinner and some local sites. 

Plazas Island / Carrion Point

Experience the rich diversity among the Galapagos Islands as you sail to Plazas Island, where you find large colonies of land iguanas and sea lions waiting to greet you. Once ashore, set off on a trail that leads you through the relatively small island. The ravine trail is home to land and marine iguanas, Nazca and blue-footed boobies, pelicans, frigatebirds, swallow-tailed gulls and more. Your afternoon shows you a different side of Plazas Island as you walk through a unique cacti forest, which transforms from its rainy season carpet of green to a kaleidoscope of purple and orange during the dry season. This colorful forest is a guest-favorite on our Galapagos Habitat Tours. Back at the hotel for the evening, you might find a sleepy sea lion enjoying the sunset on the private deck. 

Bay Tour + Tortuga Bay Beach

The “Tour de Bahía,” otherwise known as the Bay Tour, is a highlight of your Galapagos Habitat Tour as there is something for everyone. Boasting of hiking, snorkeling, light hiking and a enjoying a quiet moment in a stunning destination, the Bay Tour truly has it all. Today, you visit top Galapagos Islands visitor sites such as Las Grietas, an incredible snorkel site off Santa Cruz Island where a myriad of marine life congregates, as well as Las Loberia. The Bay Tour also takes you to Tortuga Bay, where you can sink your toes into sun-warmed white sand before finding a trail leading through a forest of Opuntia and Candelabra cactus. Lava lizards scamper among the thorns and wild Galapagos tortoises wind their way through the foliage. Yellow warblers, mockingbirds and the science-inspiring Darwin’s finches flitter up above. 
The trail leads you to a sandy beach, where you can cool off in the ocean where baby reef sharks, stingrays and marine iguanas enjoy the calm waters. Or follow the beach to a lush tangle of mangroves, where more marine life can be found. After your afternoon spent exploring the wide range of ecosystems to be found here, return to the Galapagos Habitat for the final evening of your Galapagos Habitat Tour. 

Day 5 - Conclude Your Galapagos Habitat Tour 

As your Galapagos Habitat Tour comes to an end, enjoy a goodbye breakfast at the hotel before heading to the Baltra airport to meet your flight to mainland Ecuador

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Supplementary Information

Galapagos Habitat Tours offers year round, daily departures. Please inquire with an Adventure Consultant to start planning your trip today! 

Prices starting at $1,998 per person. based on 2 travelers sharing Standard Accommodations. Rates based on total number of travelers and accommodation preferences. Please inquire with an Adventure Consultant for a detailed quote. 


  • Transfers in/out and from/to the airport.
  • Visits as specified in the itinerary.
  • Bilingual Naturalist Guide.
  • Transportation during the stay.
  • Lunch and dinner included on the daily tours (1st, 2nd and 3rd day).
  • Accommodation for 3 nights at Galapagos Habitat Eco Luxury Hotel (breakfast included).
  • Snorkeling equipment for daily tours (face mask and snorkel).


  • Air ticket.
  • Entrance to the GPS National Park ($ 100).
  • Ingala Card ($ 20).
  • Lunch and dinner on the 4th day and extra drinks.
  • Tips and personal expenses.
  • Activities and services not specified above.

*All itineraries are subject to change due to weather, sea conditions, availability, guide knowledge and experience in regards to safety, including Galapagos National Park regulations and authorities.

  • This tour package includes roundtrip transportation to/from the airport.
  • Rates are per person in US dollars.
  • Extra bed for children: $ 100 + 24% taxes – per night.
  • Single Room Supplement rates are per person in US dollars / per 3 nights.
  • Pick-ups for the day tours are made between 06:45 am to 7:30 am.
  • The return or departure schedule of the tours are approximate. Times, island visits, and activities may vary due to availability, climate, or logistical conditions.
  • A supplement of 15% will be applied on the holidays of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Ecuadorian Carnaval.

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